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Gobo Collaboration】 Kawada Manju x Authentic Imojyu Shochu: A Tale of Tasting the Satomusume (Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato on the rocks)


Kawada Manjyu I got the other day.

I bought a box of 30 pieces and divided half of them among my family members on the same day.

I kept the other half.

As I have mentioned before, Kawada manjyu goes very well with alcohol.

Personally, I love to pair it with distilled spirits such as whiskey and shochu, which I learned from my senpai.

Last time, however, we paired it with a Western whiskey that had nothing to do with Tokushima Prefecture. We wanted to prepare a sake with a connection to Tokushima Prefecture.

The first thing that came to mind was a Tokushima-born whiskey. A made-in-Tokushima whiskey from the Awano-Distillery. However, this whiskey will not be available for sale to the general public until April 2026 or later.

As expected, we couldn't wait with Kawada Manjyu frozen in storage.

Then!" I prepared this whisky!

Authentic sweet potato shochu "Satomusume

This pink bottle reminds me of sweet potatoes and is very pretty.

I used to like drinking Naruto Kintoki sweet potato shochu, but I was not familiar with this Satomusume. This may be my first time to drink it.

Kawada Manjyu and Satomusume are so cute. It was a combination that made me smile.

First, let's have a quick taste.

For now, I'll have it on the rocks.

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