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Oishi Kobo] Tokushima Oni-Uma: Let's Explore the Delightful Fun of Sudachi Craft Cola! Yoshinogawa City


Nooooo, I'm hit. Oh, I've been hit.

One of the most popular seasonings produced in Tokushima Prefecture, which I love with all my heart, is an extremely hot seasoning called Oniscoko. The company that manufactures and sells Onisco is called Oishi Kobo Co.

Oishi Kobo has done it for us. Well, they have done it.

What? Because? Well, that's okay, that's okay. Well, look at this guy!

Tokushima Oniima Sudachi Craft Cola

Here you go. They've done it, haven't they? This looks so fun, so interesting, so tasty, so delicious, right? You would buy it, right? The package is cute, and you can't help but pick it up. Well, you've done it for me.

By the way, do you know what Kraft Cola is? What is Kraft Cola?

It is a term used to describe "artisan cola" or "handmade cola," with "independent," "traditional," and "regional" as keywords, in contrast to cola mass-produced by major beverage manufacturers. There is no clear definition yet. Many are sold in syrup and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as mixed with carbonated beverages, milk, or alcohol. Even when served in stores, it is not only mixed with carbonated beverages, but also with milk, shochu, or other alcohol.
From Wikipedia Craft Cola

It is said to be a kind of "cola".

This is a blind spot. If regionality is the key word, then there must already be a lot of products in various regions and prefectures. So, there are products like this in Tokushima Prefecture.

As mentioned in the Craft Cola article, this product is a cola that can be enjoyed by mixing it with a variety of other drinks. To put it simply, it is like Calpis. It seems strange to describe different drinks with different drinks, but I guess they are the same in style.

Here are some examples of how to drink it.

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