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Awa City, Tokushima City, Kamiita Town] I tried to compare eating black garlic because of the summer heat [Be careful not to eat too much].


Lately, I've been feeling tired and my sleep is not good in any way.

So I did some research and learned that garlic is good for me. Garlic is said to be effective in "alleviating fatigue" and "improving the quality of sleep.

But what bothers me is the smell. I love garlic, but the smell bothers me.

I want to alleviate fatigue and improve the quality of my sleep, but I don't want to smell like garlic. Black garlic is the answer to my selfish needs.

Allicin, which is the source of the garlic smell, is converted from white garlic to black garlic to an amino acid called S-allylcysteine, which greatly reduces the smell.

The smell is greatly reduced, the effects are also enhanced in various ways, and it tastes sweet like dried fruit, which is a good thing.

However, the smell is not zero, and if you eat too much garlic, its strong bactericidal action may kill not only the bad bacteria in your intestines but also the good ones, so I will try to eat one to three cloves a day, which is considered an appropriate amount.

Now, here's the main point. (So much for the health food shopping crap.)

I went to the Awa Shokoku Museum, which I am known to visit when I am in need of a story.

Of course, I went to buy black garlic.

I thought I would try to compare them, so I bought three kinds of black garlic.

Incidentally, Tokushima Prefecture is one of the top producers of garlic in Japan. It is said that about 70 tons of garlic is harvested annually. However, it is not so conspicuous because the neighboring Kagawa Prefecture produces 751 tons per year, more than 10 times more than Tokushima Prefecture.

Now, here are the elite of the black garlic we purchased this time.

Entry No. 1: Black garlic from Awa City

Black garlic from Awa City, the hometown of my heart. Awa City is a region that puts a lot of effort into vegetables. I want to enjoy the vegetable power of Awa City, which is called "Awa Veggie.

Entry No. 2: Black garlic from Tokushima City

You put the most effort into the packaging. Also, it says it's from Tokushima City, but it's actually from Kamiyama-cho, Nasai-gun. Well, I don't care either way as long as it is made in Tokushima Prefecture.

Entry No. 3: Black garlic from Kamiita-cho

There are a lot of fields in Kamiita-cho, too. And the Yoshino River is close by. (I apologize for the bias in the amount of information I have.)

Each of them seems to be unique, and I am looking forward to eating them.

Now, let's try them one by one.

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