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The road to complete domination of Cafe & Ghibier 2 [Wild Deer Cheeseburger


Last time, I said to Mr. Yokogawa, the representative of Cafe & Ghibier, "I will come to eat all kinds of food. I promised him that I would come back about once a month.

To keep that promise, and because I wanted to try that delicious gibier burger again, I went to Oboke Roadside Station again on my day off.

There was no representative this time.
(Maybe I was just lucky last time.)
I went to the counter with this thought in mind.

A menu with many items.

However, having decided what to order by the time I arrived at the restaurant, I didn't hesitate.

Excuse me. I'll have an inoshka cheeseburger and a caramel latte ice cream, please."

And the order was bisected.

Yes, I did the "strategy of asking from the far right side in order because I would eventually eat it all up". It was a way to shorten the time I spent worrying.

And I also succeeded in getting my revenge on the coffee order I forgot to order last time. I was thinking that a Coke would be good, but I decided to go for the coffee first.

All that remains is to wait with excitement.

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