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Yoshinogawa City] Basketball at Yoshinogawa City Kawashima Gymnasium [Free Throw


The Tokushima Gambaroos, whom I support, are doing quite well and in a good mood. I actually want to play basketball myself when I go to games and follow the results.

So this time, I borrowed a gymnasium and enjoyed two hours of basketball with my little brother Ma, and here is my story.

There are several gymnasiums in Yoshinogawa City, where my cave is located. The one I rented this time was the Kawashima Gymnasium in Yoshinogawa City. To rent a gymnasium, you need to go to the city hall and pay a fee (550 yen).

First, unlock the lock on the left side of the entrance doorway and obtain the key. You need the four-digit number you got from the city hall.

After unlocking the door, you enter the building without incident. Enter the "reception desk" (unmanned) on the right, and fill in the notebook spread out in front of you.

The date, time, name, and number of people using the room.

After finishing writing them down, we went to the gymnasium!

Naturally, it smelled like a gymnasium. I re-tightened the laces of my yellow-green gym shoes, suppressing the tension of the explosion. I felt my mind tightening up as well.

Come on, let's get started on the long-awaited basketball!

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