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Kagawa Business Trip] Kagawa-Tokushima Prefecture Tour with Mr. Pokemon Daiginjo [Yadon Park


A certain day in July 2023.

Mr. Pokemon Daiginjo contacted me with an invitation, "Would you like to meet?" I received a call from Mr. Daiginjo, the first Pokémon YouTuber, whom I enjoy on a daily basis.

Pokemon Daiginjo is the first Pokemon YouTuber that I enjoy on a daily basis. I don't know how many times I've watched the same content over and over again, especially the series about comedians Pippi and Setoshi. I don't know how many times I've watched the same episode over and over again, especially the series with comedians Pippi and Setoshi. There was no reason to refuse.

Let's meet.

I answered immediately. Thus, we hung up the phone, promising to meet up first around Takamatsu Station in Kagawa Prefecture.


On the day of the meeting, I was completely late for the appointed time. I was not familiar with the traffic situation around Takamatsu Station, so I found myself in a parking lot of Takamatsu Castle, and I was confused by the tram, which was unfamiliar to me in Tokushima Prefecture, and got lost.

On the way, we stopped our beloved car, the Iron Coffin No. 3, and called Mr. Pokemon Daiginjo.

He told me that he was in front of a statue called "Kind Aoni-kun" in the Takamatsu Station area and suggested a meeting point, so I headed there immediately.

And after a couple of 30 minutes late for the appointed time, we were finally able to meet up with the others.

With Mr. Pokemon Daiginjo in the passenger seat, we drove toward our first destination of the day.

Conversation on the road

On the way to our destination, we talked a lot. We talked about Pokemon, YouTube videos, our personal lives, and so much more that it was hard to believe that we had just met for the first time. While talking,

(You sound the same as you do during the live distribution.)

I remember being impressed by something so obvious.

In the meantime, we arrived at our first destination.

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