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Yoshinogawa City] Loneliness test competition & Canned food and drink at night at the former Taneno Elementary School [Haunted].


*This will be sent to you at "Tane-no-ya Guest House" as in the previous issue. *This is a continuation of the previous report.

It is night. The sun has set and it is already dark. I am in a state of great warmth after taking a luxurious bath by myself.

But from now on, I'm going to be a lone liver test contest. I was expecting a temperature difference as great as that of a real sauna in Finland. I was expecting a temperature difference like a real sauna in Finland.

By the way, this is the second time in four years that I've stayed at an abandoned school and tried my luck at being alone.

The last one was in 2019. I'll post the link to the event, so if you're interested, please enjoy it as well.

Well, unlike last time, this time there is a staff member stationed at the site and there are signs of people around, so I don't feel too alone lol. 

For now, here's what I'm equipped with.

Penta (Pentax)
A desire to have fun.

Now it's time to go out.

It's quite quaint.
The deeper you go, the darker it gets, and you can't see much.
I don't know what it is at times like this, but I get excited.

What will happen?
Would I meet a ghost or something for the first time?
I couldn't wait to see what I would encounter.

And this time, I had a GoPro, which I didn't have last time, so I could shoot full video. Ghosts, monsters, UFOs, whatever! I thought to myself, as I continued on with the camera rolling.

And then, we looked at the rooms one by one with a flashlight.

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