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Born in Tokushima and raised in Tokushima, I enjoy sightseeing in Tokushima alone Naruto Roadside Station Ninth Village Edition


I decided to play hard after a long time, so I left home in my car after 8 am.

However, it is completely no plan. I jumped out without thinking about anything.

For the time being, let's have breakfast at Naruto Road Station.

Naruto Road Station "Dai 9 no Sato" has a deep connection with Germany, so you can eat delicious German beer and German sausages.

Since my first visit six years ago, I have loved the roadside station, Ninth Village. About 25 km from the house. It takes about 40 minutes by car.

I arrived at just 9 o'clock. I casually passed in front of the store, but it wasn't open yet. A closer look reveals that the roadside station itself is open from 9am, but the edible corner is from 9:30. I got a lottery ticket right away, but I couldn't help it, so I walked around and searched.

Take a picture of the nearby German Pavilion. It's a pretty big building.

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