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I was told that when I attacked the Ochiai Pass, I encountered a group of stone statues with a spectacular view, and I had to tell an oncoming car to stop.


I've just been on a little holiday and hit a mountain pass.

What can I say, it may sound very Initial D-like. But me and Iron Coffin No. 3 are still driving safely. It was a beautiful day, so we drove through the mountain pass at around 25 to 30 km/h.

The mountain passes we drove through this time were

Ochiai Pass

This is THE pass at the end of the Higashi Iya valley. Although the road is paved, it is a route with many points of difficulty when oncoming vehicles come along.

On the road, "Oh, there's oncoming traffic! Oh no! I've got to back up!" and so on, while enjoying driving, I thought to myself, "Oh, fresh greenery! Oh my God! It's super pretty!" While being impressed by the lush green of the young leaves, we climbed up the mountain pass from top to bottom.

I, too, had a hard time on the endless Ochiai Pass, where it is often difficult to avoid oncoming traffic.

But once we arrived safely at the parking lot near the pass, a wonderful view awaited us as a reward.

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