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A walk on the bank, a one-man train running through a residential area, a shrine, and [Sniper Tokushima's eye-opening].


This article was written around June 2023.

I got in an accident. Or rather, I got hit by a Zdon truck and was involved in a 0-10 accident lol.

So, I have been taking a walk recently for rehabilitation.

But even though it's a walk, it's boring to just walk. If there is no stimulation, it is boring. So I decided to change my route a little bit every day and walk around.

On the first day, I wandered along familiar paths to get my body acclimated.
Then, on the second day, to satisfy my playful side, I took a toy (action camera) to the familiar Suijin-no-taki waterfall.

And on the third day, I decided to walk along the bank. Even though it is in my neighborhood, I usually drive past it, so this was my first time walking along it. It was quite exciting.

I was just mowing the grass and I was allergic to weeds and couldn't stop sneezing, but I was elated to see the view for the first time.

It's like Ippo Makunouchi running like this."

I'm not sure if that's true or not. Also, I used to see people sitting on the steps along the bank. So I wanted to try sitting on them.

You see, the stairs are like this.

Well, there is nothing special about sitting down. But by actually sitting down, the impression of "Oh, there's nothing special about it," becomes a reality. It's the spirit of not knowing unless you try. Just by having a sense of reality, it becomes meaningful.

We also found a bulletin board about the history of the ferry.

There used to be a building called "Koumyouan" where pilgrims could stay for free, so it was also called "Nusen'an." Also, there used to be a ferry boat, which was free for pilgrims only.

It is said that Kukai also used the boat.

So, we went on our way.

After exploring the bank, I continued down the bank and walked along a strange path. Then I made many small discoveries.

Diesuke Tokushima, an instant shooter and sniper, opens his eyes.

For example, I came across a railroad track where a train was plowing through the middle of a residential area. There is a torii gate right next to the railroad crossing, and it would be hard to find a gate that is so close to the crossing.

After about five seconds of watching, the railroad crossing began to beep, and the circuit breaker came down. I had a feeling that a shutter chance had arrived. I instantly pictured the composition in my mind.

A torii gate. A circuit breaker. A railroad track. A train. I want to include a moderate sky pattern.

I don't know how to use the continuous shooting function, so I only had one chance. Only the first moment when the train passes by. In a corner of my mind, I wait for the train, taking into account the time lag of a few tenths of a second after I press the shooting button.

I feel like a sniper with my finger on the trigger, looking through the scope. I'm going to get him with one shot. I am Shimohei of Awa.

I measure the distance of the train with my good hearing, which is endorsed by an otolaryngologist. ……

Rumble rattle rattle rattle …… rattle rattle rattle!



What's it like? LOL!
Isn't it amazing? I was able to capture all the subjects I wanted at exactly the right time.

You're a genius! LOL!

Crossing the railroad tracks while looking at the backs of the trains passing by. And when I passed through the torii gate..,

Jingo Community Center in front of the shrine. The building had a nostalgic mark on it. It seemed to have been printed on the circular in the old days. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I think it might have been a mark from the Asauke-gun era.

Also, there is a small old building on the other side of the community center.

Yes, I feel some nostalgia.

The atmosphere is even better when taken in close-up.

And in the back, there was the main body of the shrine (?). was in the back.

But was it my imagination that I somehow felt a lonely atmosphere?

The grass had been mowed and people were helping, but it reminded me of a little child who had been left behind.

I waved a hand to no one and said, "See you later," and headed home.


In the end, I realized that there are still many small spots throughout Tokushima Prefecture that can only be discovered on foot, and that you would pass by by car.

Frankly speaking, I feel more inclined to archive this kind of uncluttered Tokushima than the places that are covered by the media or promoted by other promoters. I felt it was my mission to cut out and preserve the real Tokushima that stands there.

But there is something I must do first.

That is,

Fixing the problem.

I'm having a serious breakdown right now. Maybe in a second it will be completely healed, maybe it will never be fixed. Because it is in a semi-broken state, it is not the original Diceke Tokushima.

But even though I am half broken, I am still strong. I am strong. Very strong.

So, I will heal. No, I will get better.

This article was written around June 2023.

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