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I bought breakfast from the only Bon Curry vending machine in operation in the country, Coin Snack Gosho 24 [Shocking Truth].


I sighed loudly when I saw today's weather forecast. Yesterday the weather was getting so nice that I forgot it was the rainy season, but as soon as Saturday came around, the rainy season really came into its own…

No choice. Spend a lazy day reading a book or cleaning up at …… like an adult.

I was thinking, "How could I have missed this?" But then I was watching "Taimu Tonneru by Takaaki Ishibashi," which I had recorded, and they were showing a special feature on vending machines that I had missed. Then I remembered.

I said, "Oh yeah, there was this awesome place about 15 minutes from my house!" And I was like, "Oh, yeah!

That is "Coin Snack Gosho 24" in Tsuchinari-cho, Aba City. It has many vending machines, a small game arcade, and a place where you can take a short break. (I don't know if the arcade is open 24 hours, but it probably isn't, considering the Youth WhatsApp Law and all.)

As long as we find a spot we can go to, we're on our own. Then, I'll sleep excitedly and wait for the morning. (A rambunctious 30-year-old gets sleepy after 9:00 p.m.!)

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