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Ghibier] Bite into a Ghibier Burger at Cafe & Ghibier [Oboke].


When we were filming and interviewing at the Oboke Yokai Yashiki (Specter House) Roadside Station, there was a store in the same roadside station that we thought we would like to introduce, so we asked the owner of the store to come and interview the owner. (By the way, we were very careful not to interfere with their business.)

Here is that store.

Cafe & Ghibier

I'm sure there are many Tokushima residents who know about this place because it was featured in the Tokushima Shimbun.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, it is "a cafe where you can enjoy gibier.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I spoke to the woman who was cleaning up in front of me. I asked her for permission to photograph and interview her.

I followed him to the front of the counter and saw a man cooking in the kitchen with a serious expression on his face. After the man finished cooking, he came up to me after hearing what the woman had to say.

He is Mr. Yokogawa, the representative of the company.

When I explained the situation, he readily agreed.

Mr.Yokokawa told me that the gibier at Cafe & Gibier is "gibier that even those who are not comfortable with gibier can eat.

I am talking about my image of gibier, but I think gibier is an ingredient that really reveals the skill of the person who processes the meat and the person who cooks it. I believe that unless these two people work together, it is impossible to enjoy a truly delicious gibier.

For this reason, Yokokawa's confident gaze raised our expectations undeniably high.

Start by taking materials early and quickly.

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