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Specter Village Recommended Products] Enjoy tea time with Specter Tea on a hot day in Yamashiro Oboke Village.


It is now early September 2023.

Every day is too hot to be called lingering summer heat. Are you properly rehydrating yourself?

I'm drinking Yokaicha, you see, to keep myself hydrated. I am full of energy.

I'm writing this article with a carefree expression on my face while sipping a cup of Yokai tea, a recommended product of Yamashiro Oboke Yōkai-mura. It is quite tasty. Specter tea.

So, this time, I would like to introduce and write about the mysteriously named tea, Youkai Tea.

Yamashiro Oboke Village Yokai Mura Recommended product: Yokai Tea

What a frightening name for a tea. And the tea with scary yokai on the package.

Incidentally, the area around Oboke, Yamashiro-cho has been promoted for yokai for years. As for the roadside station in Yamashiro, there is even a museum called Yokai Yashiki, which you can enter for an extra fee. (Someone tell me the answer to the yokai quiz here lol)

It is also said to be the birthplace of the very famous yokai, Konaki Jijii. Konaki jijiijii is written in Japanese as "konaki jijii. This will be on the test!

Now, let me introduce the tea and write down my impressions.

The Taste and Ingredients of Spectacular Tea

In a word, YOKAI-CHA is simply a delicious tea.

You can drink it at mealtimes, or when you are ready to have a drink. It is a utility tea that can be consumed at any time of the day.

The tea is very clear and refreshing on the palate, with almost no bitterness, and is likely to be liked by men and women of all ages. It is very aromatic, to say the least,

Perhaps you are wondering about the ingredients of this tea.

I must make an unfortunate announcement here.

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