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[Awa City]A story about a bus-type ramen shop, Chukasoba Asahiken, stopping by Taikoo No. 6.


Menu of interest

I was also interested in the Bus☆Curry, but I didn't feel comfortable ordering curry at a ramen shop on my first visit, so I'll have to wait until next time!

hot oden

They don't have gyoza or fried rice, but they do have oden, curry, egg rice, etc. It was right after the restaurant opened, so it was a private bus with only the lady except me. And out came the Chinese noodles!

It seemed a bit light and salty. But I had been sweating since this morning, so it was just the right amount of salt to replenish my body's needs. I took off my glasses and slurped down the ramen with all my might. (My physical condition was imperfect, so my sense of taste was vague.)

As I was sipping my ramen, barley tea was offered as a service in addition to water. After finishing the ramen, I drank the barley tea in one gulp. It was cold and tasty, like a Hanzai.

A bowl of Chinese noodles costs 500 yen (tax included).

" This restaurant is a dream come true for those who say, "I once wanted to eat ramen on the bus!

If I go next time, I'd be interested in curry and oden.

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