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The man loved by the mountain and] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainuake Challenge 3 [The God of the Mountain Meets the God of the Mountain


roughskin sculpin

It's probably hard to tell because I don't have anything to contrast it with, but it's a huge tree. The branches are as thick as the trees that grow around there. It was like a tree growing out of a very large tree. I looked up at it and said, "Wow, that's amazing.

The roots are also tough, like Godzilla's legs.

I went around the root and found a stone, though I am not sure if something was enshrined in it or if someone had just brought it and placed it there.

I imagined the punishment, "If I climbed up there, I wouldn't even freak out." I would never do it, and I would never touch it. After all, giant trees are nice. Thanks to the god of the mountain, I recovered from my despondency. Okay, let's go for the summit!

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