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The man loved by the mountain and] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainuake Challenge 3 [The God of the Mountain Meets the God of the Mountain


Tokoji Temple

It was a temple called Tokoji.

It is also said to be called Yamainudake Daishido.

I sometimes see a temple and a torii gate, but I have an image that torii gates are originally located in shrines.

I was about to start again when I heard the words, "Well, the summit, the summit."

When I saw a mysterious wooden frame, or a broken torii gate, or something else I couldn't quite figure out, I was alone in my stupor, saying to myself, "What the hell is this? (Actually, during my adventures, I often come across torii gates that have collapsed and fallen apart or broken in half. (In fact, during my adventures, I have often come across torii gates that have collapsed and broken in half.)

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