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The man loved by the mountain and] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainuake Challenge 3 [The God of the Mountain Meets the God of the Mountain


The sun was a little higher in the sky, and it was time for the light to come in.

Then the moss started to look a little better. (But this isn't what I'm expecting! I'm thinking, "It's going to be even more awesome than this."

Come on, hang in there, me. Just keep walking to the summit!

I got lightly lost along the way, but that's okay.

I had brought two kinds of maps that I had downloaded and printed from the "Kamikatsu-cho website" in advance. You should definitely have these.

Even if I wanted to use my phone to watch the video, the battery charge is limited and there are many points where there is no signal. In the mountains, we should not rely on digital technology.

I continued to climb up the mountain. Suddenly, I saw a staircase and a stone wall. It looked quite old, but it was a relief to see something man-made in the mountains.

I proceeded to wonder, "What's there?" (I try to look at the map only minimally.)

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