[Iya's specialty] A story about "dekomawashi" & "grilled sweetfish with salt" [with cats]


Enjoying the bitterness and umami gradation of fresh sweetfish grilled with salt, I rhythmically went down the stairs that I could see.

Then, you can go to the riverbank. From there, I was able to look up at Kazura Bridge. Perhaps the last time I came, I should have noticed the stairs and got off, but I didn't remember at all, so I was surprised at the outstanding freshness, so it was good.

It's about time, how about turning around?

I felt a little quick, but for the time being, I headed to the Ikoi Shokudo storefront again.

Then, maybe the proprietress had taken care of me waiting for the mess, and she had already started baking.

I said "Please give me one" and handed me 300 yen.

 potato. tofu. "Dekomawashi" is made by sticking konjak on a skewer, applying sweet miso and baking it. I ate something similar a while ago, but that was Ryuo Dengaku. It's a little different. I don't know the details, but it's different anyway. The cooking method is also different.

 Let's eat without saying four or five! Eat hot food while it's warm.

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