[Iya's specialty] A story about "dekomawashi" & "grilled sweetfish with salt" [with cats]


 As you can imagine, the potatoes are hooked. Excellent compatibility with sweet miso. Miso took the hand of a potato that didn't make much of a claim in terms of taste, and I came up with a picture that helped me, saying, "Teacher, Potato-kun has something to say." I got the impression that the potatoes with the cooperation of Miso were proud to insist that "I am very delicious."

I swallowed it thinking, "Potato, I know your strength."

I chewed the tofu while sending ale to the delicious potatoes, whether it was salt, butter, or soy sauce. Immediately the soybean flavor passed through my nose. Yes, both tofu and miso are fermented foods that have the common denominator of soybeans. It should be reasonable and compatible ... I laugh at the strong taste of soybeans and soybeans.

When the tofu zone disappeared and I began to feel lonely, the texture of konjac and the pleasure of Dengaku suddenly came. The elasticity is comfortable enough to push back the teeth with a sweet bite.

While enjoying the difference in taste, texture, and entanglement with miso of the three types of skewers, my "dekomawashi" time came to an end. What I felt there was the truth that it is natural that eating charcoal-grilled food outside is delicious on an iron plate.

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