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Happening] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainudake Challenge 1 [Far Far Away Trailhead].


This is a story about a visit to "Yamainudake" in Kamikatsu Town, a famous place that many people in Tokushima Prefecture are unaware of. It is said to be a spot where one can enjoy the wonderful moss-covered scenery and "look like the world of Princess Mononoke! It is said to be a "Princess Mononoke's world view!

Actually, I went to the nearby area once this year, just before the request for self-restraint was issued, but I couldn't get there because they were working on fixing the landslide, which I didn't expect.

So this time, we are heading to Kamikatsu Town to take revenge.

August 15. Woke up at 3:00 a.m.

In 15 minutes I was packed and out of the house.

Before getting into the car, I looked up at the sky and saw the stars shining brightly, as if they were blessing me for my first serious adventure in a long time. (It was as if they were blessing us with a serious adventure after a long time (but I couldn't get a good shot with my cameras. (But I couldn't get a good shot of it with my cameras, so I burned it into my eyes.)

On the way, we filled up our gas tank and drove to our first destination, the Sanninutake parking lot. Actually, there is a parking lot for climbers at Sanninutake, and it is a rule to park there.

Beforehand, apparently, you have to walk a bit uphill from the "Yamainudake parking lot" to the "Yamainudake trailhead", about 2 km. ……

I was gripping the steering wheel with a sense of determination, thinking, "I'm going to have to work pretty hard today.

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