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I, who was born and raised in Tokushima, enjoyed sightseeing in Tokushima by myself, Hiwasa Sea Turtle Edition


Roadside Station Hiwasa

As I am secretly planning to "conquer all the roadside stations in the prefecture," I had to stop by.

There is also a footbath. It is a great way to heal tired feet after a long drive.

I put a foot on it, but I didn't take a picture of it because it was too sexy. Please understand. m(_ _ _)m

This time, I was planning to stop at a lot of roadside stations, so I was wandering around thinking, "I'm going to have something tasty to cheer me up," when I smelled the delicious smell of sauce coming from the back of the restaurant. I ordered "Soba-yaki," which was neither a specialty nor a delicacy. (When I said, "Soba-yaki, please," the lady said again, "Yes, yakisoba," and I wondered what she meant. The menu said "Soba-yaki.")

This is, well, delicious!

The sweet and spicy, spicy, thick sauce and the soba noodles, which are thick and have a great presence, are a wonderful and delicious combination. The finely chopped red ginger accents and the extra amount of seasoned meat were all excellent.

By the time I had had enough, the time was a little before 9:00. I decided it was time to stay near the museum, so I drove away.

That's where you will encounter the ridiculously huge thing.

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