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I, who was born and raised in Tokushima, enjoyed sightseeing in Tokushima by myself, Hiwasa Sea Turtle Edition


Ridiculously huge dog

On the way to the beach, I encountered a bearded, austere man walking a huge dog.

I spoke to him, "That girl is so huge," and that's when the uncle's machine gun talk began.

He said the giant dog's name was Baron-kun. I think it was a grade Dane. I think his breed was called "Grade Dane".

He is said to already be 6 feet tall, but he is a sweet puppy. He is a huge dog, but he is very gentle and friendly.

Another man who happened to be there with his family from Chiba Prefecture also joined us for about 40 minutes. He talked about everything from how to treat dogs, to local festivals, to what to look out for when carrying a portable shrine, to hotel management, and so on. During this time, Baron-kun rubbed himself against me and an uncle in Chiba Prefecture, and tried to sit on us.

I saw the bearded man and Mr. Baron leave with an uncle from Chiba Prefecture, saying, "Please come back again in a different season," and I bowed goodbye to him.

Hiyorisa Sea Turtle Museum Caretta

Come on, it's a museum!

Entering the museum, he bought a ticket with the familiar line, "Excuse me, one adult ticket, please.
And then we proceeded to the dazzling world of Turtle World.

There were so many kinds of turtles.
The turtles, who had too much free time on their hands, gently greeted the lone 30-year-old man.


I've learned a lot from the various things you've written, so here's one piece of information.

Four million years of human history translates into 20 minutes of turtle time.

What is turtle time? Do you mean the turtle's experience time? It seems so anyway. I learned a lot of other things, but I forgot 100% of them except this one.

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