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Let's Drink Up Tokushima Prefecture's Waterfalls - Part 1: Suijin-no-taki Waterfall [Waterfall Sommelier


Yes, this is the filtered water from Otaki Falls.

Isn't it beautifully clear? The water quality is already clean, but because it has been passed through a water purifier, impurities have been further removed and the water is perfectly clear.

At first, I smelled the aroma. Well, I see. It smells like camellia flowers that are blooming around the area or scattered ones floating on the waterfall. I am not sure if it is the scent from the water or not, but it is not unpleasant. But it is not unpleasant. If it is not from the water, there is no other strange smell. Odorless.

After checking the aroma, we tasted the wine.

Without hesitation, I put it in my mouth. Hoho ……. It's well chilled, isn't it? Even if it's not summer, it's nice and cold for my body, which is burning after walking all this way.

And the mouth feel is soft. It is soft and angular. It has a mellow taste. It is delicious.

I see. Okay, let's grade them as soon as possible.

coldness 88点

mellowness 90点

fragrance 87点

transparency 92点

mineral feeling 86点

deliciousness 88点

Composite Average 88.5点

Incidentally, the "mineral feeling" is just a matter of my experience of "mineral-like" or "mineral feeling," and I don't know whether it is actually contained or not.

Okay, now for the Female Waterfall.

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