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Let's Drink Up Tokushima Prefecture's Waterfalls - Part 1: Suijin-no-taki Waterfall [Waterfall Sommelier


coldness 92点

mellowness 91点

fragrance 90点

transparency 92点

mineral feeling 88点

deliciousness 91点

Composite Average 90.6点




This time, it was more of a test run for my newest addition to my seven tools for adventure, the LIFESAVER (portable water purifier), but I'm glad it went as smoothly as I thought it would. I may write a review of the water purifier itself at some other time, so I hope you enjoy reading it in your spare time.

To be honest, I can't compare the taste of the waterfall water because I don't have any data on it at all yet. So I guess I don't know how unique the waterfall water is.

I hope I can drink a little more and learn to tell the difference. If possible, it would be more fun if we could use the water to cook and have tea time. If it is possible to make a fire, we could eat cup noodles outdoors. My dreams are expanding.

Incidentally, I was secretly thinking of doing a project like "I tried purifying water from Calpis water or Oronamin C," but I gave up on it because a very famous YouTuber had already done it a long time ago. (By the way, the instruction manual says that it cannot purify water that has been dissolved in water, so it probably cannot purify water.)

Now, which waterfall or river has the best water in Tokushima Prefecture?

We're gonna drink, drink, drink nature's water!

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