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Let's Drink Up Tokushima Prefecture's Waterfalls - Part 1: Suijin-no-taki Waterfall [Waterfall Sommelier


Suijin-no-taki Waterfall - Female Waterfall

Purified water, thinking that the water quality must be better than that of Otaki Falls because it's higher!

I started to focus a little more on filming with the GoPro this time around, and forgot to take a photo with my phone, which is very important. So I substituted it with a capture from a video I took with the GoPro.

Anyway, that's a lot of clarity. The water is clean, and this time I found it to be completely odorless, with no scent of flowers.

And most importantly, taste. Let the tasting begin!

Ah, I think it's mindlessly colder than Yudaki. …… I have the impression that the taste itself is not so different, but good is good. By the way, the standard for "tasty" is "if tap water is 10 and it is better than that.

I can gobble it up. Now, let's get to the grading.

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