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B3 League First Round] Tokushima Gambaroos Opening Round Fluff Report - VS Yokohama Excellence - [Basketball] [Basketball


A look back at the goods we acquired

Replica uniform (8,000 yen)

I bought a size L to try on a big one. It will look like I'm wearing a dress, but I don't care. I think someone my size (around 157cm) would be just fine in a S or M.

Wristbands (1000 yen x 2)

Wristbands in bright blue, the team color, with the logo. I wanted to wear it on both hands, so I bought two. They are quite cute.

Check and Barrow plush toys: small (1,500 yen each)

Isn't he cute? Check and Barrow, the mascot characters. The quality of this stuffed animal is very high. The uniform is removable and probably made of the same material and design as the actual uniform. The plush itself has a nice touch. The ears are also very ingenious and have a light shape memory, so it is possible to make the ears flop. Check is for me and Burrow is for my brother.

Megaphone (received as a fan club prize)

It is also quite elaborate, with a grip that feels very comfortable in the hand. The sound and vibration when hitting each other is also pleasant. The design is cute and pop.

Towel (received as a fan club benefit)

Towel with the Gambaroos name logo in bright blue, the team color. The size, not too big and not too small, is just right for carrying around. A gift for my brother who couldn't go to the game due to work.

T-shirt for the season opener (first 1,000 customers)

This is the one I definitely wanted. It was a T-shirt given out in celebration of the Gambaroos' season opener, and this was also a gift for my brother, who couldn't make it to the show because of work.

Can badge (300 yen gacha)

9 I won Naito's. By the way, if you won the one with the logo, you got a replica uniform.

I bought a lot more than I had planned.
It was fun to show them off to the other customers who were there. I didn't buy one, but many of them bought a ticket case. I could feel their enthusiasm for supporting the show.

In fact, it is hard to take out the ticket when entering and re-entering the arena, so it would be convenient to have a ticket case. It would be hard to lose them.

A little bit at the end.

In conclusion, I was disappointed with the outcome of the match, but it was simply interesting and enjoyable.

I felt that they were very enthusiastic and serious about what they were doing.

So I'm going to support them as much as I can. For now, I hope to go to one game in November and two games in December this year. I hope to wear a very loose uniform and go to only home games this year, and go to away games from next year.

By the way, as of this writing, Gambaroos has already won its first victory after the second game. Congratulations to Gambaroos!

Next time, let me enjoy the beauty of victory, too!

Well, that's all for this time. See you all later.

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