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B3 League First Round] Tokushima Gambaroos Opening Round Fluff Report - VS Yokohama Excellence - [Basketball] [Basketball


Daisuke Tokushima's favorite player

As each match progresses, there are still players that are of interest to me.

The red-haired tyrant, Wakasa

Red hair reminiscent of Dennis Rodman. He is a wild and flamboyant player who leaps for the ball. On the other hand, he also makes careful free throws.

He is a player with an eagle eye.

Captain Tsukamoto

Perhaps even the audience who had no prior knowledge of the game instantly knew who the captain was. That's how much captaincy is in the air from the player's entire body.

He gives quick instructions during the game, and if you listen carefully, you can hear that he seems to be giving instructions in English as well.

During the game, he also encourages not only his fellow players but also the spectators to be more vocal. He is too reliable.

There was another Yokohama Excellence player who caught my attention.

Taira player

Hirara, who had made a light appearance earlier, is a small point guard at 170 cm, but has a strong presence and power. I had the impression that his power increased during play.

Kan player

Kan, another point guard. He had a different type of presence from Taira. He is not a big player, but in my eyes, he had a flamboyant and attractive style of play.

Atmosphere during arena games

There was a great sense of unity, and it was easy for each and every one of us to cheer loudly. Many children were there, cheering enthusiastically, saying "Ganbare-", "Irassharu-", and "Deefensu-". I didn't hear any scary yells.

Filming in the Arena

I enjoyed watching the games, taking pictures, and occasionally taking videos, all the while shouting the calls I had practiced before the games.

As long as the photos are not taken for commercial purposes, you are basically allowed to take pictures, but you are not allowed to move around in your seat, flash your camera, or otherwise cause trouble.

There is also a rule against taking videos for more than 15 seconds in a row.

I asked in advance, and was told that posting on social networking sites and personal websites is not a problem as long as it is not for commercial purposes.

Full welcome act and halftime show

Also, since it was the season opener, there was a lot of spirit outside of the games. The events that took place in between the games were also well organized and enlivened the venue.

For example, there was a sharp dance performance by STUDIO ONE/One Xtera, a long-established dance school,

There were many entertaining events such as audience-participation free throws and a mopping contest.

There were also two DJ shows by arena DJ PACHI-YELLOW, which were really cool.

Let's take a look back at the goods we got at the end.

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