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B3 League First Round] Tokushima Gambaroos Opening Round Fluff Report - VS Yokohama Excellence - [Basketball] [Basketball


Shortly after 5:15 PM. Doors open.

After standing in line for about two and a half hours, I finally got in and received a T-shirt that was limited to the first 1,000 people who arrived. I promised to give this T-shirt to my brother Ma (ex-basketball player) who could not come to the event due to work that day, so I am glad I could get it without any problems.

My baggage was full of goodies and other things, so I decided to leave it once in my car, my beloved Iron Coffin No. 3.

Equipped with the uniforms and wristbands we had purchased, we now had to eat. There were several kitchen cars on the floor outside where we could get a quick bite to eat.

After much hesitation, I bought a "Sudachi Chicken Croquette" (VEGE HAPPY) and a "Sudachi Soda" (SCRABLE COFFEE) for a light dinner.

The Gambaroos cup is delightful.

Both are delicious. With a good appetite, I re-entered the hall in a good mood and went to my seat.

The seat I took this time was courtside seat, row 1, seat 17. It was a good seat, with no one standing in front of me.

When I sat down, I was surprised at how close I was to the players. My seat was on the Yokohama Excellence side, but I was so happy and excited.

Look. Yokohama Excellence players. They look so strong.

Hirara's well-trained body and sharp eyes. Even through the viewfinder, I could feel his high spirits. This is the face of a fighter.

This power before the match. My photographic skills are not very good, so it may be difficult to convey the feeling, but you can see that the players are at a very close distance from me. If I reached out my hand, I could almost reach them.

I was taking a lot of pictures, thinking, "I'm glad I chose this seat," as I was feeling more realistic than I had ever imagined,

I was taking a lot of pictures and thinking, "I'm looking forward to the match.

I was taking a lot of pictures and thinking, "I'm so glad I chose these seats," as I was taking pictures.
I'm really looking forward to it! I replied, "I'm really looking forward to it! This is the best part of watching sports, isn't it?

As was the case when we were waiting in line until the doors opened, there are many people with whom we can share the same goal, so we have many opportunities to casually talk with people from all walks of life.

If you make friends through this kind of interaction, you might be able to enjoy watching the games more if you make friends who will support the games together.

The time went on, and the opening ceremonial event began.

President Fujita's biting speech was very impressive. With speeches by Mayor Naito and Governor Goto, I felt the historic tip-off steadily approaching.

The opening of the event was very exciting, with the players and President Fujita throwing autograph balls.

Then, with a flashy and cool performance, the players made their entrance.

28 Kano is greeted by #2 captain Tsukamoto and tyrants #15 Wakasa and #10 Komamizu, all three of whom are beaming with smiles.

Starting 5

1 Jeremy Combs

2 Yuki Tsukamoto

4 Teibrion Dawson

8 Jawara Joseph

9 Kenta Naito

The fateful first jump ball.
From this moment, the history of Tokushima Gambaroos began.

1 Jeremy Combs started the season opener off well with a great jump ball win.

Tokushima Gambaroos' first score

The biggest question on the minds of the Tokushima Gambaroos boosters right after the game started was, "Who will score the first goal?" I was cheering for them, concentrating all my attention so as not to miss that moment.

I was cheering for them, concentrating all my attention so as not to miss that moment.

And then the time came!

In the first quarter #8 Jawara Joseph made a free throw and scored the historic first point for Tokushima Gambaroos.

However, Yokohama Excellence is strong.

They are not going to give up their first win so easily.

From the beginning to the middle of the game, it was a back-and-forth battle. Tokushima Gambaroos won at one point, and expectations were high for their first win. and expectations were high.

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