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Iya Soba Restaurant, Soba Noodle Soup, etc.


There's a lot going on.

Ume Tororo Soba" is a very attractive dish. Please try it in the "Delicious way to eat"! I'm curious about it. But I'm also curious about the "Nishin-soba," which I've never had, and I wonder if it would be better to have a simple "Zarusoba" or "Kake-soba" in such a case.

What's "buckwheat dumplings?"

The menu was very interesting and looked delicious, and I was inwardly puzzled. What should I eat?

Normally I would ask the store owner, but this time I somehow wanted to decide for myself. After much deliberation, I turned to my sister and said

I'll have the soba set meal, please."

I ordered it. I thought about it and realized that I was starving. Then, I realized that a set meal that seemed to be packed with a lot of things would be the best choice.

By the way, when you take a seat, there is a menu board like this one.

The menu names and pictures are lined up for easy understanding. The Japanese version has no pictures, but the English version has pictures, so you can refer to it if you get lost like I did.

By the way, the items of the soba set meal are

The lineup is said to include kakesoba (buckwheat noodles), soba rice porridge, soba gaki (buckwheat noodles), rice, and pickles.

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