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Iya Soba Restaurant, Soba Noodle Soup, etc.


The ingredients are chopped deep-fried tofu, green onions, and fish paste, which is a relief.

One bite of "Tagu" and I was surprised to hear, "I've never seen such refined Iya soba before! What a horrible child!" I was surprised to see such a sophisticated Iya soba. My personal impression is that Iya soba is "more unfinished, but that's good! But that's good! I had a strong image of Iya soba as a tourist food made with excellent ingredients and left to the environment.

Of course, the Iya soba I have had so far has been good, but this one is really sophisticated.

It is like a buckwheat noodle that is proudly placed in the folder of "Soba". It is as if the restaurant is saying, "We are doing buckwheat noodle only, regardless of tourism. Of course, there is consideration for tourists, but even without that aspect, I can feel the smell of a craftsman who is doing his job with only one signboard, "Soba.

Delicious. During the course of the meal, I saw a bottle of shichimi (seven spice) several times and asked myself, "Do I change the taste?" I asked myself if I should change the taste, but I finished it before I had a chance to do so.

And here's where I reached out to …….

Japanese pickled vegetables

Pickles are also good. I can vaguely understand the sensitivity of the restaurant.

By the way, the right side of the image above is pickled daikon radish. It is so-called "takuwan" or "takuan. It is a delicious pickle with a modest and simple flavor.

And on the left. Unusual pickled bamboo shoots. It is a dark pickle with a plum flavor. I could feel the citric acid, and it seemed to blow away my tiredness. This is the only menu item that I was asked by the lady what I thought of the taste. (According to the lady, "Plum flavor must be pickled plums" lol)

After taking a bite or two of pickles, I took a gulp of cold water to reset my mouth.

Munching on rice.

The rice with plenty of moisture reminds me of the rice my mother cooked.

But aside from that, rice is very precious in the Iya Valley. The rice is so valuable in Iya that it is said to be the reason for the culture of "buckwheat rice soup".

With that kind of history in your mind, you will feel a different sense of appreciation for a bowl of rice.

Then, sip soba rice soup, a typical Tokushima local dish.

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