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Iya Soba Restaurant, Soba Noodle Soup, etc.


From my seat, I could catch a glimpse of the kitchen. I can feel the energy of the people at Soba Dojo, and it makes me smile.

I decided to take a moment to look around the restaurant while my set meal was being prepared.

When I thought about it, I didn't know what was going on very carefully because when I came here for work, it just came and went like a storm without relaxing.

tatami room

Looking from the seat where I sat, the seating area extends quite spaciously to the back on the right side. I see. It might be good to sit on a cushion and eat soba noodles.

Delicious self-serve water

Also, there is self-serve water available. The water is probably drawn from deep in the mountains, and when I drank it, it was very good. There is a note of caution when drawing water. It says, "Please do not push too hard when you draw water," and "Push a little, please.

Cute Owl

For some reason, this little owl is watching over the customers. Its dull eyes are very cute.

Above the owl's head, black-and-white double beckoning cats were beckoning guests around. Between you and me, it's a secret that I felt a little homesickness as they reminded me of my beloved cats.

Colored papers lined up

It is a little hard to see, but there are colorful papers signed by legends of the soba world, such as Reifumi Takase, who was nicknamed "Soba Doctor," and Hiroshi Karahashi of Aizu Kiriya, a charismatic figure in the promotion of regional development through soba, among others. ……

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