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Iya Soba Restaurant, Soba Noodle Soup, etc.


Will you let me recharge my batteries? Mr. Tetsuro Degawa

It was also signed by reaction comedian legend Tetsuro Degawa.

As a little old man, I really respect him. "It's bad! Oh, no!" I wouldn't have recognized him if he hadn't said "Oh, no!

That's a familiar seal. I'm glad to see that you've been to Tokushima several times.

Oden: 100 yen per piece

Oh! They left a plate for oden and miso!

So it can be enjoyed like dengaku? Yes! Let's come back another day to buy some more!

The restrooms seem to be located outside the restaurant when you turn left.

As I folded my arms in agreement, the lady brought me my "soba set meal. She told me how to eat "soba gaki" (buckwheat noodles). She told me that I should eat it with ginger soy sauce, which came with it.

Well, here's the Soba Set Meal!

set meal with buckwheat noodles

The volume and color of the dishes are amazing, though, aren't they? The menu is so Iya-like that it could be called "Iya Teishoku" (Iya Set Meal). There is no time to wonder what to eat first.

I'll start with soba noodles. Because it will grow long.

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