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New Year's Eve] Diceke Tokushima looks back on the year 2023 [miscellaneous notes


Tokushima Family Land

This is the story of my visit to the only amusement park in Tokushima Prefecture by myself.

I rode two kinds of roller coasters, rode a skeleton Ferris wheel to see the scenery, wandered in a maze like an escape game, and visited the adjacent Kushima Zoo. I rode two roller coasters, rode a skeleton Ferris wheel to see the scenery, wandered in a maze like escape game, visited the adjacent Tokushima Zoo, and had a lot of fun.

I was very happy to see many cool animals such as lions, polar bears, and wolves.

Yes, I would recommend it to those with children as well, they can play all day long.

I took my first Hyotanjima cruise.

Although I was born and raised in Tokushima Prefecture, I had probably never been on a Hyotanjima cruise before this year.

The madam who happened to be on board and the captain who guided us around the island in a lively manner were both great.

I think the best way to learn about the local culture is to hear about it from the people who have lived it and are senior to you. Because the stories are told from the unique perspective of that person, you may hear things that do not appear in official documents.

On this cruise, we heard many stories that made us smile and say, "Oh, I didn't know that," but that we would never have heard if they had not been publicized. They may seem obvious to the people who tell the stories, but to the uninitiated, these episodes are like a treasure trove of information.

I was reminded once again of the importance of interviews.

廃校リノベーション たねのやゲストハウス

I was able to stay at a guesthouse that was renovated from an abandoned school that I had wanted to stay at for a long time.

Again, I had the whole school to myself, and it was great.

At night, I walked around with my camera rolling as a test of courage, drank sake in my room, soaked in the bathtub filled to overflowing just for me, and read picture books while drinking ginger ale at the counter in the hallway.

I was having a great time.

There is probably someone on staff 24 hours a day, so I think anyone can stay here without worry.

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