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New Year's Eve] Diceke Tokushima looks back on the year 2023 [miscellaneous notes


Kawata Manju's Last Day

On the day it closed, I lined up first thing in the morning to buy it.

There I was interviewed by Shikoku Broadcasting, chatted with the ladies and gentlemen standing in line with me, and met the owner of Kawata Manjyu, with whom I always communicate via X, Twitter, and X. It was a good memory, including the fact that the temporary parking lot was exquisitely far from the store. It was a good memory, including the fact that the temporary parking lot was exquisitely far away.

I enjoyed eating the manjyu I bought that day with my family and marrying it with local sake. I wrote an article about it all and even made a video of it all. It's an important culture that I really wanted to preserve.

Also, I know I'm being persistent, but I don't really think it's the last time I'm going to do this. I say "last" for the sake of convenience, but I don't think it's the last time at all. That's why I say, "Let's meet again.

I believe that one day you will come back. When that day comes, I will wear the Kawada Manjyu T-shirt I bought and go out to buy Manjyu. There is no way that such a delicious manjyu can just disappear like that.

Kawata, Manjyu!

The 2nd Nishi-Awa Fireworks

Ponju, whom I met at the Tyrannosaurus Race, invited me to the 2nd Nishi-Awa Fireworks Festival, and the four of us attended with our friends and my brother Ma. It was really good. We were able to see one of the best fireworks competitions in Japan in Tokushima Prefecture. What a blessing.

For the past few years, people have been refraining from gathering and large-scale events across the board, and the world has been in a state of depression, right? I was happy to experience the feeling that things are finally starting to pick up a little bit.

Of course, the fireworks themselves were great, and to be honest, I cried while looking up at them.

The fireworks, the music that accompanied the fireworks, the cheers, everything combined to make my heart tremble. I hope I can go see the 3rd event again.

Tokushima Gambarous Opening game, etc. etc.

The biggest news for me personally this year was the start of the Tokushima Gambarous.

I was there from the opening game to watch the historic moment. I was almost always first in line, got to know the people in front of and behind me, did an interview with Shikoku Broadcasting, went to the merchandise booth in turn, and had a lot of fun even while waiting.

I was hooked after the opening game and went to one game in November and two more in December.

That means I feel like I'm going to support at least one game every month. I will probably keep going at this pace in the future. Now that I have a favorite player.

I hope to be able to go to the away games next year.

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