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New Year's Eve] Diceke Tokushima looks back on the year 2023 [miscellaneous notes


Played with good friends and comrades.

This year, I was able to meet my favorite YouTuber, Pokemon Daiginjo, and we had fun playing, eating, and singing together, and I also met and drank with my biggest rival and comrade, Namakoman.

It's been a year like the culmination of my career as Diceke Tokushima. It was like a preview of the running lights, so much so that I was afraid I was going to die already.

I hope to see many of you next year.

Reflected in local media

Then I was on TV 3 times this year and once on the front page of the Tokushima newspaper.

I don't dislike this kind of prominence, so I hope to be reflected a lot next year.


As for my aspirations for next year, I hope to write about them in an article I will update on New Year's Day.

Also, this year, for the first time in my five years in the mountains, I have not been to a single mountain climbing event, and I have been participating in many events where people gather.

I am surprised that I haven't been in the mountains for a whole year. But there is a reason for this. My car, the Iron Coffin No. 3, has not been in good shape for a number of reasons, and I am hoping to get back into the mountains a little bit from next year onward.

As for myself, I can honestly say that the year 2023 was not so bad. The number of articles I update has decreased dramatically, but if you can turn a blind eye to that, it was a fairly enjoyable year.

Also, I think I miscounted and kept saying that this was the fifth year of the Weekly Tokushima, but I think it was the sixth. So I will do my best again next year, which will be my 7th year.

Have a happy new year, everyone. See you soon.

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